Can you create emotional wealth for competitive advantage?

Is everybody in your organisation living the dream?

Leadership is about adding value through inspiring and influencing others. It is not about a special title. It is about everyday practical skills.
Discover a blueprint for developing and using your greatest leadership asset – your emotional intelligence – to achieve extraordinary things with ordinary people. Emotional Capitalists – The New Leaders represents a new powerful approach to contemporary leadership. It is founded on three simple ideas. The first is that effective leadership in the workplace is the by-product of emotions such as self-confidence, optimism, self-reliance and enthusiasm. The second is that these emotions are valuable because they create strong relationships between organisations and their customers and employees, which at the end of the day, creates a real competitive advantage. The third is that these emotions and their associated behaviours can be developed and used intelligently to solve problems, create products, deliver superior service and dramatically boost personal and professional performance.
The Emotional Capital Leadership Programme is an intensely practical one-day workshop designed to accelerate the practice of emotionally intelligent leadership. The workshop examines the science of emotional intelligence (EQ) and the compelling business case for its relationship to leadership success. It is designed to equip participants with the ten dynamic emotional skills that distinguish outstanding leaders from the average
Discover what emotional intelligence is and why it matters. What behaviours hold you back from optimal performance? What key strategies are there for building and maintaining energy levels at work? Find ways in which you can develop more effective communication and influencing strategies. Gain mastery over the one skill that research has identified as the most consistent predictor of success. Learn how to leverage emotional strengths that build effective market driven relationship. Discover how to read people accurately and hear what they are “really” saying. Action plan for designing personal blueprint to build emotional capital.

The learning outcomes from this module include:

Become knowledgeable about emotional intelligence and its relationship to business success

Understand what emotional capital is and how it relates to performance

Learn how to build Emotional Capital skills particular to personal strengths, developmental goals and leadership tasks

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